Cricket Balls

Through years of playing and coaching players at club, district and county level, we have gained valuable experience of what works and what doesn’t, when you choosing cricket balls for training, games or drills.

It is hard to find a durable cricket ball suitable for nets and short games but, our Munifex cricket ball fits the bill. It is well priced, very hard wearing and is available in youth, men’s and women’s size. This is, in our opinion, the best women’s training ball at this price available today.

The Optio cricket ball is another ball that is of a higher quality than the price suggests. No marketing or sponsorship ensures Lusum can create better quality balls without loading the ball with unnecessary costs; the Optio is a prime example.

The Aquilifer cricket ball would be at least £5 more expensive if it had a global cricket brand printed on the ball. It is a Grade A quality ball and is suitable for use in all levels of league cricket.

We have also launched a range of soft training balls can be used for coaching skills and drills for batting and bowling. The balls are available in adult and youth sizes and include our SoftAir ball which is suitable for fielding and batting drills, and the youth ball is ideal for use in Kwik Cricket. The Lusum Safety ball is a soft stitched ball which can be used for batting and bowling drills. They are ideal for teaching players the art of swing bowling and seam position. They are also perfect for throw downs and for use when loading batters, when honing a specific shot.

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Training Balls

SoftAir Ball

Available in both adult and youth sizes

Safety Ball



The Munifex is the training ball range in our selection of cricket balls. Lusum have created a youth training ball, and both a women’s and men’s ball – to reflect the need for different weight balls when training with different groups and teams.

Munifex Youth Ball

 The Munifex Youth is a 4 3/4 oz ball perfect fro training with or using in schools. The ball is a hand-stitched four piece leather construction. The ball is made from real cow hide with a cork and wool core.

Munifex Women’s Ball

The Munifex Women’s Ball has been specially designed after a high demand for a women’s ball became apparent. The ball is a 5oz ball and has the same hand-stitched leather outer as the youth and men’s balls. The ball has a wool and cork core and is made from a four piece leather construction.

Munifex Men’s Cricket Ball

The Munifex Men’s Cricket Ball is a 5 1/2 oz cricket ball made from the same high quality leather as the other Munifex balls – with wool and cork core. This ball is perfect fro training with and has a very low price point compared to other real leather training balls.


This ball is the perfect high quality training ball – or match ball suited for 40 overs. This ball is ideal for league cricket. The ball has been hand stitched using the highest quality leather. The centre is a triple layer cork and wool mix making this a very durable training or match ball.


The highest quality ball in the Lusum range – the Aquilifer has been designed and made with only the very best materials and techniques available today. The ball is a 5 1/2 oz ball suitable for matches of 50 to 60 overs. The ball is made using the finest leather outer with a cork and wool core. The hand stitched ball is one of the most durable balls on the market, with an extremely reasonable price tag making it the best value for money you could possibly get for your cricket club today.