Hockey is a sport we know well, through years of playing and coaching. We have used one of the world’s leading hockey factories to produce a range of training and match hockey balls, which are suitable for use in club and schools hockey.

The training ball is a hollow core ball which is also made for a global brand, made to the same specification. Our ball though does not have the barrier of huge player sponsorship deals and vast marketing budgets so we can supply to clubs and schools at around 25%.

Our match ball, launched in 2017 is a durable solid core ball which is suitable for use on all types of pitches, in all levels of the game. The Lusum Optio is already proving popular in schools hockey across the UK.

Our hockey balls have dimples as we feel these works best on the most common surfaces used by clubs and schools. They play well on sand and water based pitches as well as grass and astro. They are not suitable for indoor use.