Netball is the most popular women’s sport played in the UK. It has seen year on year growth for the last 10 years and shows no sign of slowing down, with greater exposure on TV.

The biggest problem GB netball has, is the lack of court time and space available to clubs and schools across the country.

Our range of netballs is a simple one at this moment in time. It has one training ball but this is a match quality ball and is part of our Optio range of balls. The design was carefully chosen after consultation with local clubs and coaches, who agreed the pink colour and graphics aided players through improved peripheral vision whether they played on indoor or outdoor courts.

The grip was designed to be sympathetic for younger players and durable enough for use in matches at most levels of the game in schools and clubs.

These balls are available in sizes 4 and 5. They are also produced in the same factories as leading branded balls, using the best materials but without the inflated prices created by huge sponsorship deals.