Training Equipment

We have a common theme across all of the sports ranges we offer – great quality and at prices that clubs and schools can afford.

This is true with our range of training equipment too.

We have seen what is popular in our own club sessions and have asked other coaches what they would like from the equipment they use.

This is a range which will develop over the next few years but already includes the following:

  • Lusum Safety Space Marker Cone Set
  • Lusum Telescopic Boundary Pole set
  • Lusum speed and Agility kit

They are all durable enough for use in schools and clubs across the UK.

The speed agility kit includes enough items to offer the coach the tools to create a full and varied training session, adaptable for all levels of any sport.

The space marker cones are extremely hard wearing but have ample give so if a young player falls on them they will not get hurt or suffer injury. This is an important factor when schools and clubs choose which cones they should be using in their sports halls or out on the field.

The boundary poles have been designed to use up to a full height of 170cm but reduce down to 90cm for ease of storage and transportation. The telescopic poles have a spike attached so they can be used on the sports field. For outdoor use only.