Where We Are Going…

Lusum aims to be the leading ball brand in the UK for real people who love real sport.


From Children to Professionals

We aim to be first choice for many people who love the sport from children at the start of their journey to people who have been playing rugby for years.


We aim to show people that more expensive does not automatically mean better – providing balls to all levels without discriminating against those who may not have bucket loads of spare cash.


Encouraging Sport at Every Level

We want to encourage sport at every level and feel that making the very best sports equipment available to everyone will help with this. Improving the quality of ball, improves your game – giving you more encouragement when you are playing. It could give you the competitive edge, the drive and ambition to kepp going and imrpoving in your sport.


We want to see people striving to be the best players and sports people they possibly can be. We want to listen to people who love and play the sport from grass roots to professionals, so we can provide exactly what you want, not just what we think you want.