Lusum Aquilifer Rugby Ball


The Aquilifer rugby ball is one of the best quality balls available. Using the very latest designs and innovations in core materials, producing a ball that could grace the elite stage.

Lusum have utilised a colour that improves the awareness of players. The research and development team tested many different colours before finding a colour, that improved the periphial vision of players of all levels, from junior to senior. This ball is a great alternative to the Gilbert Barbarian ball and is much more affordable.

The handling of the ball is rated as first class and has a Max Grain grip. The Aquilifer is Pre-Kicked to ensure the ball retains its shape when used in any conditions. the rubber surface is specifically designed with 16 grades of rubber using ‘Velocity Amplifier’ technology for a ball that gives the best flight.

Through development, Lusum have the best aerodynamic shape calculated to give the maximum amount of sweet spots.

‘Velocity Amplifier technology
4 layer construction
Super top quality in seam bladder
Max Grain grip
Pre-Kicked to ensure the ball is match ready
Avaliable in size 5

Free needle adaptor and individual bag with every Aquilifer ball.
The Aquilifer is such a high quality ball it deserves to be looked after so, Lusum provide an individual mesh bag to store your ball in. This ensures the grip stays at its best for longer.
In addition, all Lusum rugby balls come with their own needle adaptor, with compliments of Lusum.