The Brand


Lusum is a sports brand created with a mission to make a difference in the sports consumables market.  Our unique business model is to never pay sponsorships to clubs, leagues and players so that we can offer the very best balls at much more affordable prices.

Saving Money for Grass Roots Rugby

Did you know that up to 25% of the cost of a major brand rugby balls goes towards sponsorship? At Lusum we invest on making our balls better instead of paying outrageous sponsorship deals that come out of your pocket.



Promoting sports and an active lifestyle is at the core of our brand values

It can be an obvious choice to buy a set of well known brand balls for your school or sports team, but we know that the sponsorship costs involved end up being passed onto the people who could do without the extra expense. The small sports clubs, the school teams and children who want a good quality ball, all pay the price for the professional players, teams and associations being sponsored by the big name brands.

This is why we have decided not to enter into any sponsorship deals – this means we can spend more money on making the best ball and pass the cost saving onto the customer.

We are proud to see from the smallest child up to the serious league player using our balls.