Lusum Munifex Women’s 5oz Cricket Ball

We have been asked many times ‘do we sell a training cricket ball for women’s cricket’?

The answer is yes as we have just launched a great training cricket ball, suitable for women to use in training and matches.

The Lusum Munifex Cricket ball is now available in 5oz and is built to the same standards as all Munifex cricket balls. The Munifex ball is a very durable training cricket ball, that won’t break the bank. Now we can supply a great quality ball for women’s cricket ball to use in winter and summer nets, so saving the match balls, for games.

Great quality Cricket Ball for use in training, matches or school cricket.
Made in Pakistan with a single layer of Portuguese cork and Pakistan Wool core and durable Cowhide leather outer.
4 piece hand stitched leather construction.
Available in Men’s, Youth and now in Women’s size.