Lusum Speed Agility Kit


The Lusum Speed Agility kit is perfect for the individual sportsman and woman, schools and sports clubs.

This agility kit contains all items to have a worthwhile and varied training session for players of all levels.

The Lusum agility training kit is suitable for use both indoors and for outdoor use. All items are made from durable and sturdy materials to ensure the set lasts for many years.

This Speed Agility set is ideal for speed training, directional drills, strength and conditioning or just for use in warm ups before a match. The set is easy to set up and store away. It comes in a generous size carry bag which  allows everything to fit easily and comfortably after use.

What’s in the Box:

  • 6 x 9″ Lusum agility hurdles
  • 2 x 4m Lusum adjustable speed training ladders
  • 24 x Lusum space marker Cones (12 Yellow and 12 Red)
  • 6 x Lusum speed agility hoops
  • 1 x Lusum speed resistor
  • 1 x Lusum speed chute
  • All supplied with a heavy duty breathable carry bag