Lusum Optio Rugby Ball


The Lusum Optio Rugby Ball is a high class match ball with a contemporary design.

In fact, this vibrant colour and design was tested and selected for the increased visibility players have of the ball. Using the Lusum Optio ball is a sure way of

ensuring your players keep their eyes on the ball.


The Optio has a Max Grain grip which performs exceptionally well in wet or dry conditions. The body of the ball is constructed from a 3 ply Super Barbarian skin. The ball also benefits from having a top quality super bladder and In Seam valve. This ball is a much more affordable alternative to the Gilbert Omega ball with the same level of quality.

We have taken a lot of care to provide you with a rugby ball capable of with-standing high levels of performance. With all of the latest innovations, it is surprising to find the Optio is also hand stitched, to ensure the high standards are maintained throughout the manufacturing process.

3 Ply Super Barbarian technology
Silica Reinforced rubber surface
Top quality in seam bladder
Highly visable match ball
Max Grain grip
Pre-Kicked to ensure it is match ready

Available in sizes 4 and 5

Lusum cares about their balls and we believe when you get your hands on the Optio, you will too. As such, Lusum provides a protective breathable mesh bag for each ball, ensuring it retains it’s grip for longer. We are aware that not everyone has a needle adaptor to inflate the ball so, we have also included one.