Lusum Munifex Rugby Ball

The Lusum Munifex rugby ball is probably the best training ball around

With a simple alternate full panel design, this ball is popular with clubs and players at youth and adult level.

The ball can also be used for youth matches or training, as the quality is so high.

The Munifex is constructed using the very latest techniques. Improved grip is possible because Lusum have used a high grip ‘virgin’ grade rubber composition. The rubber surface is water repellent ensuring this ball can be used in all weather conditions. This ball is a great alternative to the Gilbert GTR4000 ball and is much more affordable.

3 Ply Water resistant rubber compound technology
Super bladder
Highly visable training ball
Max Grain grip

Avaliable in sizes 3, 4 and 5 All Lusum rugby balls come with a free ball adaptor needle to ensure, you do not need to hunt through your garage or cupboards, to find the one you bought years ago. This ensures you are only minutes away, from being able to use, the Lusum Munifex rugby ball.