Lusum Aquilifer

Lusum Aquilifer Rugby Ball

The Lusum Aquilifer is the Performance/Elite Match ball of the Lusum range.

It is perfect for serious rugby players, teams and those who want the very best ball available. It is available in size 5, and costs around 25% less than the equivalent elite balls from many other brands.


It has the following features:

  • 16 Grade Rubber Surface with Velocity Amplifier Technology (creates the best flight on the market) 
  • Silica Reinforced Rubber Composition
  • Best Aerodynamically Engineered Shape
  • Dual Balance Kit Construction
  • Pre Kicked


The table below shows the features of the Lusum Aquilifer in comparison to relative balls from two other well known brands.


Rugby Ball Material Ply (wall thickness) Grip Bladder Valve Sizes Available RRP SportsballShop Price*
Lusum Aquilifer Velocity Amplifier Construction 3 ply Max Grain Super Bladder In Seam 5 £67.50 £47.50
Gilbert Virtuo Reaction Laminate Construction 4 ply Multi Matrix Regular In Seam 5 £89.99 £62.99
Web Ellis All Weather Triaction Pro Polyester and Cotton 3 ply MP1 Regular In Seam 4 & 5 £69.99 £64.89

*Prices are subject to change – all prices correct as of 13/08/12


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There are two other balls in the Lusum range – the Optio and the Munifex.

To view information about our training ball, the Lusum Munifex click here or for information about our match ball the Lusum Optio click here.